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What Is a Luxury Watch?

watch1A luxury watch combines sophisticated design considerations with precise movement. They come in a huge range of styles. Some are designed to show off wealth while others are designed to provide the most precise possible timekeeping.

Luxury watches include many Swiss names, a nation famous for the quality and creativity of its watch designs. Some of these designs are much different than others and appropriate for different activities.

At the fashion end of the spectrum, luxury watches tend to be opulent, encrusted with precious stones and made out of precious metals. This not only gives them their upscale appeal, but also makes them durable, as precious metals are famous for their enduring qualities.

Where precision is concerned, chronometers produced by luxury watch manufacturers provide some of the most precise movement in the world. These have long been the choices for those for whom accurate timekeeping is critical, such as those who enjoy journeying by sea.

A luxury watch is generally an heirloom quality item that will last at least a couple of generations. Given their high prices and quality construction, these are items that seldom need servicing, but that can be serviced by qualified watchmakers, keeping them running for decades.