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What to Consider when Buying a Luxury Watch?


As is the case with any luxury item, the average customer for such products may not be looking for the lowest price. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Nonetheless, price should be a consideration in purchasing such a watch. For the most opulent timepieces and for the most accurate chronometers, the prices will obviously be higher than they will for the less extravagant models.

With these timepieces, however, it’s important to keep in mind that even the less expensive models are made to very high standards. They’ll hold up for many years and, of course, are usually backed up by the manufacturer in the case that something is unsatisfactory.


The materials of manufacture with these watches are relevant to more than simply displaying elegance and style. Some materials are particularly well suited for harsh environments.

Any one of the luxury watchmakers listed below will provide items that are made of very high quality materials. Some of those materials are chosen principally for aesthetic reasons, such as gold. In other cases, however, the materials may be chosen for a particular property, such as resistance to water and saltwater corrosion in the cases of chronometers meant for maritime endeavors. Be sure the materials you choose are appropriate to your usage.


The most ornate watches are oftentimes also the most delicate, so be sure that you’re realistic about the watch that you’re buying and its ability to hold up to your intended use.

For simply providing a very attractive, upscale look, most any designer watch will work. Even the most rugged models are made with aesthetics at the forefront of the company’s concern and, in fact, rugged watches can convey an adventurous outlook without compromising the elegant overtones of luxury time pieces.

The band may also be of particular importance to some individuals. The most glamorous watch brands are oftentimes fitted with jewels, made out of precious metals and feature ornate designs. Watches that are designed for adventure have simpler bands, but ones that are made to be rugged.


In the world of luxury watches, designers oftentimes get very creative with the faces. These are excellent choices for style and, particularly if one wants a very modern look, there are some eye-catching designs on the market. Many such watches have an hour, minute and second hand, but no complications, which is more the territory of sporting and rugged outdoor watches.

While it might seem counterintuitive to wear a very expensive watch while undertaking tough work and rugged conditions, some luxury watches are made for such situations. Waterproof designs, chronometer accuracy and complications that are designed to offer more information at a glance all make luxury watches not only viable for outdoor and other types of adventures, but also the best choices of all.

Men’s and women’s watches obviously diverge significantly in terms of design, but within each there are versions that will be excellent for some wearers and not particularly well suited for others. The watch should be flattering to your arm and wrist. Those with smaller wrists may not do well with large-faced watches. Fortunately, luxury watch designers can fit even many different complications on a smaller watch face, so one need not compromise in this regard. However complex and precise your timekeeping needs—or how fashionable and artistic you’d prefer to be—there are certainly options on the market.